"the feminine body is a magnificent and beautiful sculptured breath of creation. adorned and embellished with beauty and elegance, her body becomes a living, breathing piece of art. under each petal you will discover the essence of her spirit. if you know how to embrace this magnificence, you will fall in love with the passion that emerges from her soul." 


Vanessa Palmer

"adorn" multimedia art series
"BREATHE" multimedia art series

All multimedia art pieces are the design and copyright of Vanessa Palmer Creative.

Each piece from the limited edition collection can be printed on canvas, signed by the artist and framed for custom order. There are only 88 pieces available in each series.

All pieces can be sized from small format of 18 x 24 inches up to

very large installation pieces. 

Price On Application.

A large body of Vanessa's artwork can be seen at:


912 N State St, Chicago, IL USA