vanessa palmer

Vanessa Palmer is a creative visionary and conscious entrepreneur helping people and organizations share their stories through strategic, creative branding and mindfulness.


A “Creative + Mindfulness Hybrid,” Vanessa’s deep commitment to being a mother, practicing yoga and meditation, alongside a mindful and holistic approach to her personal life and business, has been her path toward success for over 20 years. 


 “When you live from your heart, creativity and passion emerges out  of everything that you do.”

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Vanessa launched onto the global fashion scene at the age of 24 as inventor, designer and founder of the world’s first hipster underwear and hosiery brand, Hippies. Oprah, MTV and style publication icons like Vogue, Elle and In Style couldn't get enough of the fashion statement and solution to underwear peeking over low-rise hipster jeans. Hippies ​made a global impact in over 1,800 stores around the world and graced the cheeks of Jennifer Anniston, Brittney Spears and Angie Harmon, to name a few. 


This simple, creative fashion invention is now a key essential style in every lingerie brand collection and women's underwear drawers around the world. Only four years after the launch and success of Hippies, Vanessa was invited into the ​Australian Women's Business Hall Of Fame.


After a decade of earning invaluable business experience in the fashion industry and honing her skills in creative storytelling and brand strategy, Vanessa fell hard onto a yoga mat searching for a more heart-filling, purpose-driven career path. She turned her focus to inner beauty and immersed herself in meditation, yoga and mindfulness. It was at this moment her Creative + Mindfulness worlds collided. 


In 2008, Vanessa merged her global business experience with a purpose-driven life path launching The Mindful Agency, based in Chicago. Her boutique creative agency curates brand strategy, mindfulness and authentic connections, helping people and companies find their own inner light and tell their stories.  Vanessa spent 5 years building the magnapool wellness water brand globally, and pioneered the science and technology of mineral water bathing into luxury wellness hotels and spas throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.


To create a special place for the creative and mindful tribe she was connecting, Vanessa also opened Soul Sanctuary, Chicago’s first soul-nourishing, urban hideaway. This cozy, candlelit space offered yoga, meditation, soulful wellness products, energy healing, all things Zen and conscious clothing brands.


Vanessa’s passion for living and teaching the art of mindfulness has taken her on a life changing journey for nearly 20 years. She is internationally certified in mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breath-work training), yoga and nervous system training. She is a certified instructor, with the Yoga Alliance RYT (registered yoga teacher) 220 hour requirement. 


This deep commitment to personal practice and mindful living inspired Vanessa’s passion project, ​MindCurate, a mindfulness training program and wellness technology company. MindCurate offers international retreats, produces guided meditations, breath and sound experiences and creates Zen mindfulness spaces in urban environments. 


Vanessa is also a public speaker on mindfulness, charitable wellness (philanthropy), mindful living and creativity, leading talks for corporations and conscious collectives. She currently hosts a series called “Mindful Talks” at the ACE Hotel in Chicago.




"My life is a passionate collaboration and hybrid experience of being a mother, a friend, a lover, a purpose driven soul, with a big soul injection of creativity and mindfulness. I can't imagine my life without any of these chapters in my book of life. What I know for sure - I want to share and guide this energy I have found in my life with as many willing souls as possible. That is my calling and life work." 


Vanessa’s personal and professional experience as a designer, artist, author, storyteller, filmmaker, yogi + meditator, philanthropist, travel junkie and mum/mom, continues to shape her personal and professional life path. She is the author of the book, ​OM For The Mom;​ ​a mindful guide book on living a holistic and happy life, and writer and director for her documentary series, Prana Warriors, a wanderlust journey of love and self-discovery in Tulum, Mexico. Alongside empowering others to live their purpose in their professional lives, Vanessa is also deeply passionate about giving back to communities through her work in charitable wellness. She works as a mentor and the global creative director for the non profit Purpose Earth. Purpose Earth’s mission is to fund and mentor purpose-driven people and projects with creative solutions to our global challenges. One of her most passionate projects


Sharing her vast business experience, alongside tools for personal wellness and holistic living, Vanessa is elevating fellow entrepreneurs in her most recent purpose-driven venture. Launching e·mërge in 2020, she is using her decades of invaluable experience as an entrepreneur in the creative and mindfulness worlds to help guide other seekers and conscious business leaders launch their personal and business brands.